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Windows and transparancies were a key element in the interviews on this film, the idea was bringing in the out side world into the frame.

I love the wide angle frames.

Camera Sony Beta SP 600, and Sony PD150.

"It's About Time"

Filming a prime minister is always exciting and working with the award winning director Ofra Bikel was wonderful as well.

We fallowed the prime minister for 3 days had full access to their house and shot great family scenes and interviews with the whole family. Watch the film(Clic Here). Camera Sony DSR 570.


"The Unexpected Candidate"

Eight men charged. Five confessions. But only one DNA match. Why would four Navy men confess to a brutal crime they didn't commit?

Producer director Ofra Bikel. Watch the film (Clic Here). 

Camera Panasonic HDX 900.


"The Confessions"

Diredted, shot and edited.

A three month artistic project spanning five countries following the footsteps of the second Buddha, Padmasambhava, also known as Guru Rinpoche ("Precious Guru")

(In production)


Triptych Journey 

"Precious Guru"

"Time To Know"

Time To Know Mission: To provide our partners with the best solutions to integrate technology into the content, teaching-and-learning process for implementing successful learning environments.

Camera Sony 900.

"2013 MCI Company Video"

Diredted, shot and edited.

Music Contact International (MCI) is one of the leading Choral tours agencies in the world.

Camera DV and HD mix

"True - Live and Let Live"


This clip was shot for a London based punk rock artist.

Two parallel cameras on a dolly, one shooting slow shutter enabled us to get extra dimention and style with perfect cuts between them.

Every shot is about 2 seconds long and we used fast motion in the editing.

Camera Sony DVCAM 570 and PD150.

"Eran Zur - Music Video"

I shot and directed this clip in London during 3 days with a hand held Sony PD150 and available light.

The budget could either get us one day and crew to film in Israel, or for me and the atist to fly to London on our own. We prefered London where the song was written and talks about being alone in a big city.

8 days of editing, 600 cuts, I loved working on this clip.

Camera Sony PD150

"Music Clip series" 

Part of a Twelve chapter documenary sereis on Israeli music artists.

We shot a mini music clip for each of the artists in the program.

I used heavy difussion filters to create the hazy whitish atmosphere.

Camera: Two Panasonic DVX100B.


"Nest Pretty Things"

Promotional Video 

Diredted, shot and edited.

Jewlery and accessories designer 

Camera - Panasonic GH-4.


"Red House"

Promotional Video 

Diredted and edited.

Vermont based Accessory Co. 

Camera - Panasonic GH-4.


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